ELN Sprinklers, Yard Maintenance & Landscaping in Klamath Falls - Klamath Falls area sprinkler system design, installation, repair, and winterization as well as lawn care, mowing, landscaping & yard maintenance.
LCB# 9339


Reliable and High Quality Landscaping Services for All of Your Yard Care Needs

Sprinkler System Design, Installation, Repair and Winterization in the Klamath Falls Service Area

• Design and installation of new underground sprinkler and drip systems
• Additions to existing systems
• Repairs and Adjustments
• System Winterization (in the fall) - call us in early October to schedule
• System Turn-on and adjustment (in the spring)

We believe in designing a sprinkler system that will last for years to come, so we design our systems to withstand changes that inevitably occur over time, such as additional construction in the area that can change the water pressure at your home.  We also use only the highest quality materials, such as Rainbird products and Christy's Red Hot Glue.  We provide a one-year workmanship warranty on all of our jobs.

Landscaping and Hardscaping in the Klamath Falls Service Area

• Water Features
• Pavers - driveways, patios, paths and walkways, etc.
• Retaining Walls
• Gravel and Bark
• Plant Installation, including shrubs, trees and flowers
• Grass (seed and sod)

Yard Maintenance in the Klamath Falls Service Area

• Lawn Mowing, Trimming and Edging
• Lawn Fertilization
• Yard Cleanup - clearing overgrown lots, pulling weeds, etc.
• Pruning/Trimming of small trees and bushes
• Raking


Other Services in the Klamath Falls Service Area

• Haul away debris
• Other random jobs...just ask!