ELN Sprinklers, Yard Maintenance & Landscaping in Klamath Falls - Klamath Falls area sprinkler system design, installation, repair, and winterization as well as lawn care, mowing, landscaping & yard maintenance.
LCB# 9339
Serving Klamath Falls, Oregon area residents with reliable and high quality sprinkler, landscaping & yard maintenance services.



ELN is a landscaping company that specializes in residential and commercial sprinkler system design, installation and repair, and also does regular lawn and yard maintenance in the Klamath Falls area.  We offer professional service, backed by over fifteen years of experience, at an affordable price.

We are not your typical lawn care business in that we do not try to cram as many yards into a day as possible; we care more about the quality of our work than the quantity.  We also provide a full range of yard services, so you do not have to call one company to fix your sprinklers, another company to mow your lawn, and yet another company to plant new bushes in your flower beds.  We provide all of those services, and more, so that you only have to deal with one company.


"A rare attribute in our local contractors: ELN Sprinklers and Yard Maintenance does what it says it will do, with dispatch and at a reasonable price. Esteban and his crew are bringing order to the “jungle” in my back yard - twenty years in the making. I should also like to point out that Esteban somehow remembers exactly all the agreed-upon actions. In short: a good Company with whom to do irrigation and landscaping business."
Martin L.

"I have been very happy with Esteban's work this summer. I would emphasize that he is very dependable."
Marjorie R.

"You did such a great job trimming our fruit trees and hedge! I especially appreciated the time and effort you spent cleaning and hauling away all the debris. (You even cleared and cleaned additional areas above and beyond the contracted work area!) I will definitely ask you back and recommend your service to friends and family."
Judy S.

"I would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did installing my sprinkler system. It was done in a very timely manner with no unexpected extra costs. I really appreciate the time you took to explain the system to me to ensure my satisfaction. Being a local business makes me feel I can contact you if a problem were to arise; you're minutes away instead of days away. Thank you again for a job well done!"
Dana G.